About me

Syna Gensterblum

Whoever wants to win must fail

A small insight into my history

The dream of becoming a prima ballerina

Born and raised in Belgium,  I started ballet at a very early age and dreamed of becoming a great ballerina. 

Although I was one of the best dance students and had the “most beautiful feet”, after more than 10 years of dancing my interests changed into a complete new direction….. Through dance I developed a  very good body awareness and body control, which is what my current training concept is based on.

At the age of 19 I came across a bodybuilding magazine   which made a  huge impression on me. It was clear “I want to be a bodybuilder!”

It happened upon a fitness competition at Eurosport, where the athletes had to do back flips, splits, one-arm push-ups, jumps and other tricks in addition to having a beautifully defined and athletic bodies,  it became   clear  ​​where I wanted to go. At the time, however, I had no clue about effective training and proper nutrition, and certainly not about back flips …

Unfortunately, I didn’t know anyone who could instruct me in the right training or advise me on nutrition. So I had to do it myself and somehow teach myself everything! It should turn out that it was a long and bumpy road … but I knew where I wanted to go and took every hurdle

Because I knew that it would only make me stronger and better.

"I want to be a bodybuilder!"

Getting ready

For one and a half year I committed myself to train as hard as I could and get prepared for my very first competition. 

I felt ready and self-confident. With all the hard work I had put into it it had to pay off and I was sure that I was gonna be the winner! But…… Baaaam!!!!  It was a punch in my face! I didn’t even qualify for the finals and the disappointment was huge. 

The same day I made a promise to myself “This will never ever happen again! From now on you are the champion!”  Even harder training, stricter diet and working on my gymnastic skills – there was nothing that could distract me. 

I had a goal! 

I had given myself another year and had pushed myself to my limits. My progress was just amazing….

…not only for myself but also for the judges. It had paid off and I held the trophy in my hands. I felt so proud! This victory was the door opener for something much bigger – the European and the World Championship!

Many more trophies followed, guest appearances, sponsorings and I was even named Athlete of the Year at the IFBB.

I had shown the ambition, iron will, discipline and willingness to go to my extreme limits and got to know a whole new side of myself. It was very tough, but it taught me self-discipline and tremendous willpower.

It was the best school of my life which I would never want to miss!

Said and done!

A new era

Seven great and precious years full of hard training, diets, shows and pressure to perform – time for a change.

I discovered Crossfit and I brought pretty much everything with me that a good crossfitter needs: strength, speed and gymnastics skills. In addition, the urge to perform and competitive spirit. The perfect combination! It only took a few months and whoosh …. I was back in competition mode and I was able to achieve some very good results here too. But at some point there has to be enough… .. 😉

Today my own training consists of a mixture of bodybuilding, crossfit, mobility training, Pilates and gymnastics, whereby my focus is always on the activation of the deep muscles and body control. Over the last few years I have tried to work off my urge to perform, which has not always been easy when you are used to a winner’s podium….

I now share my knowledge and experience with my customers and every smallest success of my customers feels like the top podium for me….


Erfolge & Auszeichnungen


2016 & 2014

6. Platz Crossfit Cry me a River-Challenge (2016)
62. Platz in Deutschland bei den Open Crossfit Games (2014)


1. Platz belgische Meisterschaft IFBB Bodyfitness
2. Platz belgische Meisterschaft IFBB Fitness
Teilnahme an der IFBB EM & WM 


1. Platz belgische Meisterschaft IFBB Bodyfitness
1. Platz Benelux Open IFBB Bodyfitness
Teilnahme an der IFBB EM & WM 


1. Platz belgische Meisterschaft IFBB Fitness
5. Platz Europameisterschaft IFBB Fitness
15. Platz bei der IFBB WM 
Auszeichnung zur Athletin des Jahres IFBB Belgium

2002 & 2001

1. Platz belgische Meisterschaft IFBB Fitness
Auszeichnung zur Athletin des Jahres IFBB Belgium (2002)
1. Platz belgische Meisterschaft IFBB Fitness (2001)
5. Platz Europameisterschaft IFBB Fitness (2001)
12. Platz Weltmeisterschaft IFBB Fitness (2001)

2000 & 1999

1. Platz belgische Meisterschaft IFBB Fitness (2000)
3. Platz belgische Meisterschaft IFBB Fitness (1999)

Lizenzen & Qualifikationen

  • Referentin & Ausbilderin bei aeronet europe – sports & business academy
  • Mastertrainerin bei Aeronet Europe – sports & business academy
  • Betriebliche Gesundheitsmanagerin (IHK)
  • Pilates Master Trainerin Matte & Reformer Polestar
  • Crossfit Trainer
  • Athletik Trainer
  • Faszien Trainer
  • Rückenfitness Trainer
  • Fitnesstrainer B
  • Ernährungstrainer
  • Rehatrainer
  • Gesundheitstrainer
  • TRX Group Fitness Trainer
  • Group Fitness Trainer
  • Aquagym Trainer
  • Bodybuilding Trainer